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The holidays have a magical way of bringing people together, and the workplace is no exception. Many companies organize holiday celebrations where rules are relaxed and coworkers can fraternize with peers, bosses, subordinates and sometimes customers. These festivities are the subject of movies like Office Christmas Party (2016) and episodes from TV shows like The […]

Over the weekend, famed New Orleans chef John Besh alleged harassment of employees was chronicled by the Times-Picayune. The allegations against Besh Restaurant Group, which employs thousands and spans across numerous restaurants throughout the country, came down just after a flood of allegations against former Weinstein Company executive, Harvey Weinstein. Social media posts, articles, and […]

EmCare, which claims to be “the nation’s largest medical staffing network and healthcare management company,” might need to call in for a sick day.  The company will be forced to pay nearly half a million dollars to three employees for unlawful termination.  A Texas federal jury found that the employees had been fired because they […]

Avoiding a sexual harassment scandal doesn’t have to be hard. Despite the fact that laws prohibiting sexual harassment have been on the books for decades, companies of all sizes continue to find themselves in hot water as the result of sexual harassment complaints. In just the past few months, sexual harassment complaints have led to […]

Two former employees of a Mississippi Kroger’s meat department were denied relief by the Fifth Circuit, as the man they claimed was sexually harassing them was not found to be a “supervisor” under the meaning required by Title VII. The two female employees were meat department clerks who were subjected to inappropriate comments, groping, and […]

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