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While the current administration’s year has been turbulent to put it lightly, the last week has been arguably the most eventful to date. While we are used to cabinet members leaving and appointments changing nearly daily, this week the stakes were driven up as the heat increased on the investigation into President Trump’s Campaign and […]

  Whether you are an employer that was on the edge of your seat wondering if you were going to have to change your employees’ pay structure or an employee hoping that you could get a 100% pay increase or be eligible for overtime pay, many people were following the Department of Labor’s battle in […]

Can he do that? The question many Americans asked after President Trump tweeted that transgender people will no longer be allowed to serve in the military is being echoed around the world as many people on both sides of the political fence took to social media and verbal debate yesterday to share their view of […]

Put down the boxing gloves, the Huffington Post article, and the TV remote and get ready for a no-nonsense explanation of the latest controversy surrounding America’s President. On Monday, June 12th, Maryland and the District of Columbia’s attorneys general filed a lawsuit on behalf of their states against President Trump. Within 24 hours almost 200 […]