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The holidays have a magical way of bringing people together, and the workplace is no exception. Many companies organize holiday celebrations where rules are relaxed and coworkers can fraternize with peers, bosses, subordinates and sometimes customers. These festivities are the subject of movies like Office Christmas Party (2016) and episodes from TV shows like The […]

  Whether you are an employer that was on the edge of your seat wondering if you were going to have to change your employees’ pay structure or an employee hoping that you could get a 100% pay increase or be eligible for overtime pay, many people were following the Department of Labor’s battle in […]

The Houston Paralegal Association warmly welcomed Gabriela Barake as a speaker at their CLE luncheon this past Friday. Gabriela discussed the history of wage and hour law, timekeeping basics, overtime exemptions, and the common pitfalls of wage classification that can lead to devastating consequences for employers if they are uninformed. Prevention is better than the cure […]

A New York federal court approved Duane Reade’s prescription for $13.5 million dollars to assistant store managers for overtime violations. The class action litigation lasted 6 years, after assistant store managers filed a Fair Labor Standards Act lawsuit that contended while the Walgreen’s subsidiary had settled earlier overtime claims by assistant store managers (ASMs), the […]

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With summer quickly approaching (and seemingly already here in Texas), a lot of people have vacation on their minds. Apparently, Congress does too. The House Rules Committee has announced that this week they will be discussing a potential new component to the FLSA overtime rule. Most of us know that “overtime” work, or work over 40 […]

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