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Archive for the ‘Wage and Hour’ Category

Last week, Minces PLLC was awarded over $1 million dollars in attorney’s fees and costs on top of the $286,671 judgment obtained against O’Connor & Associates. Our firm represented 11 former employees in a fight against the largest property tax firm in the United States. As discussed in our blog covering the judgment rendered late […]

Our blog has periodically covered the now 5 year journey of the Department of Labor’s efforts to update the salary minimum provision of the Fair Labor Standards Act. Recently, the DOL proposed a compromise of sorts, decreasing their $47,476 proposal from 2016, which was invalidated by the decision of an Eastern District of Texas judge […]

As employment lawyers, we represent many clients because they were illegally underpaid by their employers. This often happens when our clients are improperly classified as being administratively exempt, sometimes unintentionally by their bosses. The administrative exemption excuses employers from having to pay overtime to exempt workers who put in over 40 hours per work week. […]

  Whether you are an employer that was on the edge of your seat wondering if you were going to have to change your employees’ pay structure or an employee hoping that you could get a 100% pay increase or be eligible for overtime pay, many people were following the Department of Labor’s battle in […]

The Houston Paralegal Association warmly welcomed Gabriela Barake as a speaker at their CLE luncheon this past Friday. Gabriela discussed the history of wage and hour law, timekeeping basics, overtime exemptions, and the common pitfalls of wage classification that can lead to devastating consequences for employers if they are uninformed. Prevention is better than the cure […]